Our Process

Your Asset Alerts Specialists

Our process is described below, to better help our customers better understand our diligent services. Below shows a graphical representation of the process with three simple steps A full description appears below this.

Step One: Register your vehicle(s) with My Alerts

  • Firstly, we invite customers to register their vehicles via the online registration section on this site.
  • In this section please fill in all relevant information including primary and alternative contacts details for vehicle(s) being registered.
  • Following this you also have the option to add additional names and contact numbers of any other person(s) you wish to nominate as “emergency contacts” should the driver(s) of vehicles be involved in medical emergencies whilst driving.
  • There is no limit to the number of vehicles being registered but we do however request you to contact us if registering more than 3 vehicles for a more tailored plan suited to your needs.

Step Two: Display My Alerts Sticker on your vehicles

  • Once you have registered with us, we will post to you our My Alerts Welcome Pack. 
  • Contained within the pack would be confirmation of your registration into the My Alerts Info System, a My Alerts stickers marked with your unique member number and a set of instructions on affixing the sticker to your vehicle(s).
  • Also included would be vital information for Emergency Contacts.

Step Three: Contact made with My Alerts about your vehicle(s)

  • Since your vehicle(s) is now registered with us and marked as a “My Alerts” customer, it is easy for anyone to contact you about your vehicle(s), via our locally based 24×7 Customer Care Team.
  • Members of public can simply see the vehicle ID sticker, make contact with our team, and relay the important incidental information.
  • My Alerts will then contact you or other contacts who are  registered within our system
  • We will NEVER pass on your contact details to anyone that rings us
  • My Alerts will simply contact you or other registered contacts, provide you with the contact details of the person wishing to make contact with you and /or explain the details of incidents involving your vehicles(s).

My Alerts Vehicle ID Sticker

  • All our customers will receive a My Alerts Vehicle ID sticker included in the Welcome Pack after registering with us. One sticker will be issued per vehicle and replacements can be requested for free.
  • Our Welcome Pack will be posted to you within 2-3 days after submitting your request.
  • The sticker will include your unique membership number printed in red.
  • This number identifies your profile within our secure My Alerts Info System.
  • The sticker(s) should be placed on the windscreen of vehicle and fully visible at all times.

Sample of My Alerts Sticker

C:\Users\Ram\Desktop\kar alerts\Untitled3.png

(Note: From time to time we may change the designs of stickers without notice)