Who We Are

Your Asset Alerts Specialists

We have introduced an essential and a much needed service concerning all the vehicle owners in New Zealand. My Alerts is a new service which is related to incidents and alerts about your vehicle(s). It is a new system that easily enables members of general public to immediately contact the vehicle owners pertaining to various incidents with their unattended vehicles.

In today’s world, one of the most preferred mode of transportation is your own vehicle. It is easier and convenient to get around to desired destinations without ever realising the consequences associated with your vehicles whilst parked unattended, which can prove costly and cause a great deal of inconvenience. These very incidents, when witnessed by general public, starts the mission, the hunt begins to identify the vehicle owner with the hopes that alerts about their vehicles can reach to them.

Some of the common examples of such incidents are:

  • vehicle lights noted to be left on for a lengthy period of time.
  • vehicle parked on no parking zones that can be or is being towed away.
  • vehicle parked on a street which is being flooded.
  • vehicle been parked at a certain area for prolonged time.
  • vehicle seen broken into, personal belonging dropped nearby your vehicle.
  • vehicle needs to be moved away as they are blocking path of other vehicles.
  • vehicle has been involved in hit and run accidents and witnessed by public.
  • vehicle windows partially/fully down on a rainy day.
  • any suspicious behaviour of an individual or group witnessed by public. And the list goes on.

To combat all such problems, My Alerts has devised a systematic methodology that easily enables a member of the public to reach the vehicle owners immediately and avoid any possible catastrophe. Details of such mechanisms are aptly explained in Our Process page herein.

So what happens next if members of public witness these incidents? Previously on certain incidents, members of general public left notes attached underneath the windscreen wipers, but nowadays they trend to social media with the hopes of finding the owner of these vehicles. Unfortunately there is no definite way to contact the vehicle owners for any incidents, even just a minor one, till of of now. This is where our assisted service pitches in to help!